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10A: Mifflinburg Pa. Residence

Date: 06/13/2010

Investigators: Walt Mikus, Tom Watkins, Rick Weist, Rose Mcdonald, Michelle Korbeil

Three people from the location also attended the investigation

Location: Mifflinburg Pa.

Moon Phase:4 % of full (new moon)

Temp: 75 f outside 80+ inside

Equipment: 2 Sony NightShot Video Cameras /4 Digital Audio Recorders / 3 EMF Detectors / 1 Digital cameras / Dowsing rods /3 cam dvr system


This was an emergency investigation as the client feared for the safety of the children in the family. We rescheduled all our other cases to respond to this one as soon as possible. Some of the reports of activity are as follows:

Footsteps in the attic

cold spots



occupants being touched

4 year old child seemingly dragged or thrown from bed resulting in abrasions to both legs

This child would not sleep in their room but slept fine in another room

Issues with electric and plumbing

Neighbors have verified some of the reports

An added twist to this investigation was the attempts by the clients to communicated with the spirits by using dowsing rods. We believe this is the cause of the sudden increased activity. We explained to the clients that any attempt to communicate with the spirits usually results in increased activity.


We only experienced a couple minor personal experiences

We have no photo or video evidence supporting paranormal activity at this location.

We did capture over 50 evps.

We also believe that we were able to successfully cross some of the spirits over.

Activity at this location has been reduced to a tolerable level

Before we left we assisted the clients in setting some ground rules for the entities that chose to stay behind.


Below are some of the evp's captured during this investigation.


10A white evp3

10A white evp3 just the evp cleaned and amped

10A white evp4

10A white evp4 just the evp

10A white evp4cleaned slowed

This next evp was captured just after we attempted to cross the spirits over. We believe it is a "Thank You" It was captured on three audio recorders.

10A white evp8

10A white evp8just evp cleaned and slowed

10A Panasonic (54)

10A RCA Full (15)

10APan-clip10 answertoname q&A






10A Panasonic evp1

10A Panasonic evp3

10A Panasonic evp3 cleaned and amped

10A Panasonic evp18

10A Panasonic evp18 cleaned0 amped

10A Panasonic evp20

10A Panasonic evp20 cleaned and amped

10A Panasonic evp29

10A Panasonic evp29 enhanced

10A white recorder includes interview (2)

10A white recorder includes interview (2)cleaned

10A RCA Full (3.1)


Below are some random photos from the investigation (not paranormal)





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