Knight Paranormal




11A: Mechanicsburg Pa. Residence

Date: 06/26/2010

Investigators: Tom Watkins, Rick Weist, Rose McDonald, Beth Kozerski

The client also attended the investigation

Location: Mechanicsburg Pa.

Moon Phase: Full Moon + partial lunar eclipse not visible to us

Temp. high 80's inside and out


Equipment: 1 Sony NightShot Video Cameras /3 Digital Audio Recorders / 1 EMF Detectors / 1 Digital cameras / Dowsing rods /2 cam dvr system


This was a long distance investigation. The client had been turned down by a couple paranormal groups. This was the first investigation of two, that we completed in the same day. By the time we got home the next morning we had traveled 500 miles round trip! This investigation took place in the afternoon, Some of the reports of activity are as follows:

A presence felt when there was only one person in the residence.

Dark shadows witnessed.

Strange noises such as knocking sounds.

Hot spots like the heat was on and it was turned off.

The computer turning off and on for no apparent reason.


We only experienced a couple minor personal experiences:

One investigator felt suddenly ill during setup. We hadn't completed our protection ritual yet and this could have been an energy drain. The investigator had a bad headache from that time until we pulled out then it stopped.

During the investigation, the client and one investigator observerd a shadow in a mirror.

The residence was very warm but we still experienced cold spots several times.

We were called to this residence to try and find information connecting the alleged paranormal activity to a deceased family member. We also discovered a possible conflict of the account of how the family member died.

We did not as of the time of this posting discover any visual evidence. We do have audio evidence supporting paranormal activity at this location.

We feel we do have a good understanding of what took place. We did find some answers for the client and we hope we also helped the spirit.


EVP's captured:

11A pan3 cleaned evp amped

11A pan3

11A pan4

11A pan6

11A pan7

11A pan8

11A pan9

11A pan 1

11A pan2

11A White evp2

11A White evp3

11A White evp4 cleaned evp amped

11A White evp4

11A RCA evp2

This next evp is heavily mutated. This had to be done for you to hear it , but the message is pretty clear!

11A RCA evp3


Below are a few photos from the location. ( not paranormal )



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