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12A: Catasauqua Pa. Residence

Date: 06/26/2010

Investigators: Tom Watkins, Rick Weist, Rose McDonald, Beth Kozerski

The clients also attended the investigation

Location: Scranton Pa.

Moon Phase: Full Moon + partial lunar eclipse

Temp high 80's inside and out


Equipment: 2 Sony NightShot Video Cameras / 3 Digital Audio Recorders /1 EMF Detector / 2 Digital cameras / Dowsing rods

This was the second of two investigations this day. By the time we arrived home the next morning we had traveled 500 miles!


The claims:

Banging noises
Pots and pans fell on the floor
Apparition moved from kitchen closet to the window
Balls of light
Cold and Warm spots everywhere in apartment
Humming sound
Female client feeling of being choked at night in bed
Bathroom and linen closet door closing sometimes can seemingly make it happen on command


Here is what we found:

These are some possible answers to the perceived activity.

Pots and pans falling over (We think that this could be contributed to poor stacking of the cookware on or near the dish drainer.)

The bathroom and linen closet doors opening and closing ( We did have the bathroom door slowly close during the investigation and it was partially caught on film. At the time there was an investigator leaning on the door jam to allow for steadier filming. We propped the door open with a small bathroom waste can and it did not happen again. After examining the linen closet door it was determined that it too closed and opened very easily and had a faulty knob/latch assembly.)

Choking sensation
( One of the clients currently uses a device to help with a sleep disorder. It is quite possible that the choking sensation is caused by sleep apnea.)

Humming sound ( while the team was prepping for the investigation we noticed that all the streetlights in the area made an annoying humming sound. It is quite possible that occasionaly the client notices this humming sound.)

Balls of light (Some of the side effects of the prescribed medication the client is taking are changed or blurred vision. It is possible the client’s changing vision could have produced what seemed like an apparition and balls of light.)

During the investigation we experienced a few happenings that we could not explain:

An investigator with a blackberry phone on their hip, had the phone and case rotate back and forth 3 times. The phone case has a ratchet device on the swivel. The case does not move very easily. It stays in the position it is placed in. At the time the investigator was stationary with both hands holding a camera. Upon looking down the investigator could see nothing that could have caused the movement.

A female investigator had their butt grabbed (goosed) in a stairway leading from the apartment to the exit. There was no one else in the stairwell except another female investigator. The grab was with enough force to displace undergarments.

This same female investigator had their hair tugged in the apartment. There was nothing close enough for her hair to become caught on.


We did not capture any other visual evidence during the investigation.

During the investigation we did capture several evps. Always use caution when listening to evps with head phones. The evps came from several different sources and can have varying volumes.

This first evp was captured when an investigator was checking out the kitchen closet: A voice says " I'm not in there"

12A White 5

Some more evps captured during the investigation:

12Apt evp1 just the evp cleaned

12Apt evp1

12Apt evp2

12Apt evp3

12Apt evp4 just the evp cleaned slowed amped

12Apt evp4

12Apt evp4just the evp

12Apt evp5 just the evp

12Apt evp5


We do feel this location is haunted, just not to the extent it was perceived. It is a very old building and we were only able to sample one apartment.

The rest of the occupants of the building watched us unpack from behind closed curtains.

Before we left we helped the clients understand what was happening and how to make some rules for their unseen guests.

Update as of this posting the clients have moved but not due to the paranormal activity.

Below are some random photos from the investigation. (not paranormal)



















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