Knight Paranormal




14A: Edwardsville Pa. Residence

Date: 09/04/2010

Investigators: Tom Watkins, Walt Mikus, Rick Weist, Rose McDonald, Rich Shrewsbury

The clients also attended the investigation

Location: Edwardsville Pa.

Equipment used: 1 Sony NightShot Video Camera /4Digital Audio Recorders / 2 EMF Detectors /2 Digital cameras /dowsing rods /4 cam dvr system


The claims:

The clients assumed demonic possession or activity caused by something evil.

Activity varied ranging from apparitions that transformed from one being into another to physical evidence such as scratches and bruises.

A cross was moved from above the front door to the center of the cellar floor.

Car keys missing to be found later in obscure places.

The three resident dogs sitting together staring into empty corners.

Other activity consisted of footsteps, voices, doors closing and a frequent hissing and growling sound.


KPI Team members all had personal experiences ranging from disembodied voices to their hair being played with.

We did not experience any large emf or temperature fluctuations during the investigation.

We also did not capture any visual evidence during the investigation.

This residence was previously investigate by another paranormal team. Their investigation like ours did not find evidence of any threatening paranormal activity!


Below are a few examples of the evps captured:






14AWEVP3 (2 just evp by tom


Everything we captured was non-threatening and weak. After talking with the clients, we decided to return two weeks later. You can view the results of that investigation at 14B in case files or by clicking here




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