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14B: Edwardsville Pa. Residence

Date: 09/19/2010

Investigators: Tom Watkins, Walt Mikus, Rick Weist, Rose McDonald, Rich Shrewsbury Beth Kozerski

The clients did not attend this investigation

Location: Edwardsville Pa.

Equipment used: 1 Sony NightShot Video Camera /4Digital Audio Recorders / 2 EMF Detectors /2 Digital cameras /set of Dowsing rods /4 cam dvr system


The claims:

The clients assumed demonic possesion or activity caused by something evil.

Activity varied ranging from apparitions that transformed from one being into another to physical evidence such as scratches and bruises.

A cross was moved from above the front door to the center of the cellar floor. ( We were told while using dowsing rods that the cross was moved by a living human.)

Car keys missing to be found later in obscure places.

The three resident dogs sitting together staring into empty corners.

Other activity consisted of footsteps, voices, doors closing and a frequent hissing and growling sound. (We did experience the footsteps on several occaisions)

We did not experience any large emf or temerature fluctuations during the investigation.

We also did not capture any visual evidence during the investigation.


During the first investigation of this location (14A) we tried to make peace between the spirits and the residents of the home. After talking to the clients the conditions were not much better. We returned for a follow up on 9/19/10. We changed the positions of our equipement placement. We also ( with the clients permission ) tried some mild provoking. We do not normally provoke or recomend provoking except for extreme conditions! After provoking for a short time we got the feeling that is what caused the conflict to start with. We apologized to the spirits present and continued the investigation in a normal manner. During the course of our investigation, we found that people had been provoking the spirits. We also have reason to believe that rituals were attempted in two alternative religions. The clients had regular parties with numerous intoxicated people taunting the spirits.

We attempted to assist the spirits that wanted to leave in crossing over. We also cleansed the residence to remove any excess negative energy. When we turned the house back over to the clients it was neutral. It is up to them to keep it that way!

Below are a few examples of the evps captured:

14B RCA5

14B RCA6

14B RCA8



In the next evp, we did not hear the slapping noise with our ears!

14BWevp5not-evp-noise-made-in-responce-to-talking cleaned by mag










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