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18A: Deposit NY. Residence

Date: 11/27/2010

Investigators: Tom Watkins, Rick Weist, Rose McDonald, Rich Shrewsbury, Will Jenks, Beth Kozerski, Arlene Capriotti

Three clients also attended the investigation.

Location: Deposit NY.

Equipment used: 1 Sony NightShot Video Camera , 3Digital Audio Recorders, 1 EMF Detectors, 2 Digital cameras, 1 still IR camera, 1 portable IR video camera, 1set of Dowsing rods, 4 cam dvr system


The claims:

Young female child appeared to communicate on a regular basis with the spirit world.

Objects had levitated and been thrown in the past.

Shadow figures.

noises such as footsteps and cabinet doors.

Full body apparitions.

Certain areas of the house had issues with electronics such as clocks

History of the location:

Located a stones throw from a documented Native American burial ground.

Archeological digs in the front yard had uncovered Native American artifacts.

Location is on the historic Delaware river.

Very close if not located in the path of the underground railroad.

Original homestead on this location had been destroyed in a fire and there were casualties.

The Weather:

Very cold temp started out at 31 Fahrenheit and got colder as the night progressed.

Location was right on the river.



During this investigation we did not have and significant personal experiences.

We did have a lot of issues with batteries being drained and were trying to locate some strange random noises.


Below are a few of the evps captured.


18Apan part1 evp1 (2)

18Apan part 2 evp2

18Apan part1 evp3 MB noise

18Apan part1 evp3 MB noise2

18Apan part1 evp1just evp


18AR evp1 just the evp cleaned amped slowed

18AR evp2 cleaned amped

18AR13 cleaned amped slowed

18AR13 cleaned amped

18AR13 amped



Below are some random photos from the investigation.







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