Knight Paranormal

"Searchers of Lost Souls"



23A Shady Nook restaurant New Albany Pa.

Date: 02/20/2011

Investigators:Tom Watkins. Traci Watkins, Rick Weist, Rose McDonald, Richard Shrewsburry

Four clients also participated in the investigation.

Moon: Waxing Crescent 36% of full

Weather: cold and snowy low of -18f

Indoor temperature: 67

Claims of activity: Shadows, voices, many objects being relocated, A client was touched on the shoulder

Equipment used: 4 digital audio recorders, 4 cam dvr system ( only 3 cams used ), 2 portable night vision video cameras, 1 trail camera, dowsing rods, 3 still cameras, 1 emf meter

This was a difficult location to investigate. There was a lot of ambient noise generated by the many coolers and freezers located on site. We could not power all the devices down because this is where the food for the restaurant is stored. We also had to cut this investigation short due to the impending winter storm that started soon after we unpacked. We did not capture any solid visual evidence during this investigation.

We ran three infrared dvr cameras, but due to a technical glitch the footage will be reviewed at a later date. This is also the first investigation we utilized a night vision trail camera. In theory if an apparition would manifest near the camera the motion would trigger the camera.

although we did capture a few evp's we are not yet convinced that this location is haunted. We do plan on a follow up investigation in the near future.

Below are the audio clips captured during the investigation

The first clip is a out of place you hoo sound in the middle of the clip


In this next clip Rose asks a question. Shortly after you hear a " no "

23ARsony3 just evp

We think this next evp could say " help me....... get somewhere "

23ARsony4 just the evp raw

the next evp sounds like " they back "

It was captured while no one was in the building.

23A pan evp1just evp raw

The next clip sounds like a "no " in response to a question.

23A pan evp7 just the evp amped

Below are some random photos from the investigation ( not paranormal )








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