Knight Paranormal

"Searchers of Lost Souls"



25A residence Kingston Pa.

Date: 03/05/2011

Investigators:Tom Watkins, Walt Mikus, Rick Weist, Rose McDonald, Richard Shrewsburry

The clients also participated in the investigation.


Moon: New Moon

Weather: mild with scattered rain showers

Indoor temperature: average 69 degrees

Outside temperature: 54-57 degrees


This investigation involved a large family and just about each family member had experienced different alleged paranormal activity!

claims included : Footsteps ( especially in the attic ), voices, shadows, objects being moved or relocated, objects witnessed levitating, doors opened and closed, kitchen cabinets being found with doors open in the morning, some shadows or apparitions actually being mistaken for family members on occasion and light physical contact such as a touch or tugging of the hair.

Most of the teenage children in the family were afraid to sleep upstairs in their bedrooms.

There was also one accident that involved a head injury in one of the upstairs bedrooms. We could not rule out that this was just an accident. We did seem to get a response when we asked that question.

The clip had to be shortened to omit a family member's name, but the last half is intact including a response. 25ARsony1 shortened to omit name

We did not have any significant personal experiences while on location.

We also did not capture any visual evidence so far. Due to technical issues the review of the dvr footage has been delayed.

Overall we feel that this location is experiencing paranormal activity.

This location was investigated by another paranormal team in 2010. The (other) team has to this date, not posted any results or reviewed the results with the clients.

Below are some of the better evps that were captured during the investigation.

low voice at 4 seconds 25ARsony4

Low voice starting at 3.6 seconds 25ARsony6

This is a cleaned amped version of same evp 25ARsony6 evp tweaked

A noooooooooooo starting at 2.5 seconds 25A pan evp4

A "help me" while we are talking starting at 3.4 seconds 25A pan evp8

Something saying my name "Tom" at 3.5 seconds 25A pan evp9

A " me too" starting at 4.2 seconds 25A pan evp14

" I don't know " starting at 2.5 seconds 25A pan evp19

A low voice 3 times throughout clip 25A pan evp17

A voice at 7.5 seconds 25AW2evp13

A tweaked version of the same voice 25AW2evp13reduced80stretchedamp10


Below is a video of a small flashlight experiment we set up during this investigation.




Below are some random photos from the investigation ( not paranormal )











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