Knight Paranormal

"Searchers of Lost Souls"



27A defunct Bradford County Pa. School

Date: 05/28/2011

Investigators:Tom Watkins, Rick Weist, Rose McDonald, Richard Shrewsburry


Moon: Waning Gibous 97%

Weather: mild, chilly once dew set in

Indoor temperature: na

Outside temperature: na We lost data containing temperatures during a power surge at KPI headquarters.

The building had no electrical service whatsoever.This investigation involves a defunct educational facility.

Claims included : No claims reported. We received permission for this person through a 3rd party contact. We never spoke with the current owners.

This investigation was held to try to pacify the clients curiosity.

We are just now finishing this investigation. A power surge at the office fried two pc's and two laptops containing the evidence files. After a lengthy replacement process with the insurance company, we were able to recover about 90 percent of the data.

Although this investigation lacked personal experiences, it was very high on the (creep factor) scale.

From the beginning of the investigation Tom made the call that no one worked alone at this location. Even during late set up when an investigator was alone for even a brief period paranoia set in.


Below are some of the evp's collected during this investigation.

This following clip has an evp at the end that sounds like " sit down".

We were in a second floor class room and messing around with some trigger objects including a ball.

The evp we captured may be a Teacher telling us to sit down.

27A rca evp1

27A rca evp1 just evp cleaned

The following Audio clip sounds like we got a response knock.

27A rca evp3

In the following audio clip we captured a female voice that Rose heard.

27A rca evp4

In the following audio clip Tom states we are going to take a break. In code that meant we were going outside for a smoke.

Although we didn't mention smoking, at the end of the clip we captured an evp the sounds likes "jonsen".

This is a slang term that was first associated with craving for marijuana or pot. The term was later expanded to include a craving for more socially acceptable vices such as smoking or drinking.

Although none of the team use illegal drugs, it seemed someone new we wanted to do outside for a cigarette.

27A rca evp5

In the following clip we captured the word "bitch" . No investigators were around this was captured on a recorder placed inside during setup.


In the next clip Tom hears a noise then at the end hears whispers. There is an evp in the clip.


The next clip is toward the end of the investigation. The dc to ac power inverter we were using to power the dvr system alarmed indicating low battery in the van. You can hear us try to start the van.

toward the end of the clip you will hear an evp saying something that sounds like "turn the lights" . When the inverter alarmed it was turned off. This turned off the source of IR light on all three floors of the school!

27A rca evp6


This first evp sounds like a child saying "who are you?"


27ARsony1-3 cleaned and slowed 2x

this next clip sounds like a child possibly saying " find me "


27ARsony1-4 cleaned slowed 2X

After reviewing the evidence and the overall feelings we felt while there, we can say that this location is haunted!



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