Knight Paranormal

"Searchers of Lost Souls"



29A Scranton Pa. residence

Date: 10/15/2011

Investigators:Tom Watkins, Rick Weist, Rose McDonald, Richard Shrewsburry,

The clients also participated in the investigation.


Moon: Waning Gibbous 90% moon

Weather: cold and calm

Indoor temperature: 66 f


KPI Team was called to this location to try and verify and diagnose symptoms of paranormal activity in and around this home.

A local team had previously investigated this residence and supplied the clients with no evidence of paranormal activity.

The activity the clients were experiencing was blamed on rodent infestation and a large centrally located EMF spike in the home.

During our initial sweep of the home we detected no large EMF reading whatsoever.

Our investigation was hampered by several factors:

The family was home

The two family pets were present at the location. ( The pets didn't exhibit any unusual behavior during the investigation)

The residence had recently been cleansed during a ritual involving the burning of sage.


During the investigation :

There were no personal experiences.

We captured no visual evidence of the paranormal.

We did capture a few audio clips that we deemed as paranormal.

The clips captured are:

29A OLevp1

29A OLevp2

The next two clips something seems to say "Bitch"

29A OLevp5

29A OLevp6


After reviewing all the evidence we cannot deem this residence "haunted".

Further study of this residence may be needed.






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