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New Albany Private Residence (The Doll House) Case File




Date: 8/9/08 Start Time: 20:00

Investigators: Walt Mikus/ Tom Watkins/ Nick/Amy

Location: New Albany Pa

Weather: Clear, unseasonably cool

Moon Phase: Unknown

Equipment: Video Camera Audio Recorders EMF Detectors Digital cameras

Phenomena witnessed by investigator: We had some cameras malfunction. One of the investigator felt they were able to "sense" or "feel" the entity. We have actual evidence of this investigator tell another investigator it went downstairs. Her saying this was caught on the audio of the Sony Handycam. About a minute later, the investigators in the family room of the house called on the radio explaining that they had a spike on the EMF detector of 2.7 (base reading of house was between .0-.2) and the digital camera flash malfunctioned. After reviewing the evidence, we found a unexplainable picture of a "ORB" type object.

The following photo was taken during the period that the camera flash malfunctioned for 11 pictures in a row. The EMF meter spiked to 2.7 and a team member told us (it is downstairs). In the picture you can also see a red light and a blue light. The blue light is a reflection from a DVR. The red light is from a cordless phone base station. The photo is a copy of the original reduced to 25%. So far no one can tell us what this might be. If you have seen something like this before, please contact us.


The photo below is what the area looks like when the flash activates.

photo with flash

During the second investigation of this residence, we tried every way possible to debunk the photo.

For now the photo stands as unexplained.


Audio: No evidence

Photos: 2 one debunked

Video: No evidence.

Temp : 55 f.

Other: This was an interesting photo. It appears there is an orb type light over the left shoulder of one of the investigators. After recreating the photo at a later date, we found that there is a bird feeder over the left shoulder of the investigator with a chrome top. The orb is actually a reflection of the flash of the digital camera...








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