Knight Paranormal



New Albany Private Residence 2nd Investigation



Date: 8/22/08 Start Time: 22:00

Investigators: Walt Mikus/ Tom Watkins / Tami Powers

Location: New Albany Pa

Weather: Clear cold 50 degrees f.

Moon Phase: full

Equipment: Video Camera Audio Recorders EMF Detectors Digital cameras

Phenomena witnessed by investigator: On the night of the investigation, there was only one personal experience. One of the investigators felt a static like feeling on they’re arm. It was around this time we caught some EVPs that are included below...


Audio EVP's captured

Photos: several interesting orb photos from the room where EVP's were captured

Video: No evidence.

Temp flux: N/A

Other: Personal experience, static like feeling on arm


While we don't really consider orb photos evidence. The following pictures contain orbs and were taken under interesting circumstances. They were all taken during a EVP session in the living room.

Tami felt a static like touch to her arm and EVP's were captured.

We disregarded the normal orb photos obtained with the normal use of camera flash.


The following EVP's were captured in the room in the photos.

As always make sure your volume is set at a comfortable level before putting earphones over your ears! This will prevent permanent ear damage!

This EVP occurs while investigator Tami is talking.

Listen close it may take a few times to distinguish the difference in voices.

Some people think this says (come child)


We think the EVP below says yes it can it is hard to hear and again it occurs while investigator Tami is talking.

This next Evp occurs while investigators Walt and Tom are talking. We can't make out what it is saying.


The next EVP sounds like chu.....chu...chu....chu




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