Knight Paranormal

"Searchers of Lost Souls"



30A Wyoming County Pa. residence

Date: 03/09/2012

Investigators:Tom Watkins,Walt Mikus, Rose McDonald, Beth Kozerski, Ray Krohn

The clients also participated in the investigation.


Moon: Waning Gibbous 98%

Weather: cold and very windy

Indoor temperature: 66 f


KPI Team was called to this location to try and identify the source of a toddlers fears and what appeared to be bite marks to the body.

During our initial sweep of the home we detected Two large EMF readings.

The old alarm clock in the master bedroom and a baby monitor in the nursery were producing enormous emf readings.

Our investigation was hampered by several factors:

The family was home

Two young children supplied plenty of distractive noise

There was a very high wind present most of the night outside the residence.


During the investigation :

There were no personal experiences.

We captured no visual evidence of the paranormal.

We did capture a few audio clips that we deemed as paranormal.


In the center of the next audio clip, while the team is ascending the stairs a voice seems to say " please don't "


The next audio clip is a direct response to Rose asking a question........."NO"


The following audio clip has an evp in the beginning " I Can't " followed by Rose's voice then another evp.



This residence was very small. With the large team and clients present conditions for spirit communication may have been overwhelming.

We did utilize a sensitive and also used dowsing rods. The confrontations in this case between humans and spirits may have resulted from improper use of an ouija board years ago.

After reviewing all the evidence we cannot deem this residence "haunted".

Further study of this residence may be needed.






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