Knight Paranormal




3E: Sullivan County Church part V

Date: 06/27/2009 Start Time: 22:00 End Time: 01:00

Investigators: Walt Mikus / Tom Watkins / Tami Powers /Dave Lach / Rick Weist


Location: Somewhere in Sullivan County Pa.

Weather: Clear and mild

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent 35% of full

Temp: 65 f outside

Equipment: 2 Sony NightShot Video Cameras / 3Digital Audio Recorders / 5EMF Detectors /

2 Digital cameras / 2 Motion Lights

We also utilized a 2 cam dvr system via power inverter

Claims of activity: Until we started investigating this location, the only claim was the church piano playing by itself. This was heard from outside the locked church during daylight hours.

Phenomena witnessed by investigators:

A. As soon as we walked in the building an investigator was being touched lightly behind their right ear. After checking them for cobwebs stray hair etc.the investigator changed location. The touch continued for a bit until the investigator put their hood up to allow them to focus on the investigation.

B. Late into the investigation the entire team heard what was percieved to be a disembodied voice. After reviewing the evidence the sound was caught on at least four devices and was indeed a disembodied voice

C. We experienced the usual battery drain and equip. failure but nothing else out of the ordinary for this location.


Audio EVP's and a disembodied voice captured

Photos: The usual orb photos

Video: Nothing notable captured.

Below are some of the evp's captured.


3ET2 evp1

3ET2 evp6

3ET2 evp12

3ET2 evp14

3ET2 evp15

3ET2 evp16

3ET2 evp22

3ET2 evp24

3ET2 evp32

3ET2 evp33

3ET3 second session EVP2






Below are some random investigation photos















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