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3H: Sullivan County Church part 8


KPI Team was working local to the church. We decided to stop at the church and pay our respect. As always we were not disapointed!

The church is being taken over by the Historical Society and we are unsure of future access. We have spent a tremendous amount of time and effort investigating this location.

This visit we did not stay long. It was our third stop of the day and temperatures were in the mid twenty degree range. Since 2008 we have collected hundreds of evps, had our first class A evp,

were physically touched by spirits for the first time, had our first K2 hit, had our first physical object moved on camera and trained most of our team members at the church.

We are sad to see our investigations at the church come to an end. In the long run the church and the community will benefit as the structure was being destroyed by nature.

The Historical society has plans to restore the church. For now we consider this case closed. As offered in the past KPI Team will help in the restoration effort and maintainance

of this grand old building if allowed to.


Below are the evps captured during this visit.

3H evp5 rose

3H evp6 rose

This next clip contains a faint ring like a old telephone.

The church hasn't had electricity or telephone for

many years!

3H evp7rose

3H evp8rose

3H evp9rose

3H evp10rose

3H evp11rose

3H evp14rose

3H evp15rose

3H evp16rose

3H evp17 rose

The next clip contains freaky laughing at the beginning

It was not one of us!

3H evp18rose

3h panevp2

3h panevp3

3h panevp4

3h panevp6

3h panevp7






















Below are some random photos from the investigation