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4A: Private Residence in Lackawanna County Pa.

Date: 05/01/2009 Start Time: 22:00 End Time: 01:00

Investigators: Walt Mikus / Tom Watkins / Tami Powers /Dave Lach / Jake Navarro

The homeowners also participated in the investigation

Location: Lackawanna County Pa.

Weather: Started clear ending in rain

Moon Phase: 53% of full

Temp: 59 f outside

Equipment: 2 Sony NightShot Video Cameras / 3Digital Audio Recorders / 5EMF Detectors /

2 Digital cameras / 2 Motion Lights

We also utilized a 4 cam dvr system

Claims of activity: Witnesses claim to see shadows, hear a voice calling "mama", hear footsteps on stairs, and to have been touched by an unseen force.

Phenomena witnessed by investigators:

A. While investigating on the main floor of the house, The lead investigator had their flashlight flicker. An EMF reading was taken around the investigator. An EMF field with a spike of 2.0 was discovered. If the investigator moved the field would disappear and reappear where they had moved to. This was backed up by another EMF meter.

B. At 23:10 while investigating the master bedroom, the battery in the Sony Handycam (Hi8) went from 40 minutes remaining to dead.  Around this time we have the KII meter showing some activity on this cam.  We also have EVPs from this time of the investigation that we caught on 2 Handycams and backed up by a digital Voice Recorder.

C. We also had a static voice recorder with only seven hours of audio stored on it from a previous session, shut down. When we went to retrieve it the message full was flashing on the display. This recorder will hold 17 hours of audio on it's highest quality setting. When we reviewed the audio from this recorder, you can hear the investigator place the recorder and walk away. After that we captured nothing more.


Audio EVP's captured

Photos: We have posted some interesting photos captured from the dvr cam in the master bedroom and a few interesting orb photos from the client interview taken weeks prior to the investigation. Keep in mind, we don't consider orbs as evidence. But we will post some of the interesting ones for you to see.


Video: A couple brief flickers from a k2 meter. This will not be posted.


Conclusion: We did find evidence supporting the paranormal claims at this location.





4AT2 360 test evp
4AT2 360 test evp cleaned
4AT3 Attic evp1
4AT3 Attic evp1cleaned
4AT3 Attic evp1cleanedshortenedslowed
4AT3 Attic evp5
4AT3 Attic evp5cleaned
4AT3 master bed evp 3
4AT3 master bed evp 3cleaned
4AT3 master bed evp 4
4AT3 master bed evp 4cleaned
4AT3 master bed evp 5
4AT3 master bed evp 5cleaned
4AT3 master bed evp 6
4AT3 master bed evp 6cleaned
4AT3 master bed evp 7
4AT3 master bed evp 7cleaned just the evp
4AWevp1cleaned by tom
4AWevp6cleaned by tom

Below is an interesting orb photo

We do not normally consider orbs as evidence

We do not yet have an explanation for this orb

The photo was taken during the client interview and location tour


The close up



Photos taken of this area on two different dates, with two different cameras could not reproduce this result.

Below are some random photos from the investigation.







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