Knight Paranormal

5A Long Distance case file

Due to the sensitive nature of this case, all names and locations will be withheld

This was our first investigation of this type.

We were contacted over the internet on this case.

Due to the distance and everyones schedules, we continue to work this case online.

This case will be open until all issues are resolved.

Some background info on this case:

The residence is a large house built in the late 1800's.

This house has been witness to several tragic and untimely deaths.

Present day paranormal activity there includes:

Dark Shadows

Light Anomalies

Objects being moved when no one is watching.

Disembodied footsteps, bangs and dragging sounds.

Doors slamming or flying open.

Occupant being touched.

Partial to full body aparitions.

Several freak accidents.

Occupants experiencing dark and sometimes long lasting mood swings.

The feeling of being watched or a presence near.

Overall feeling of dread or pressure in the residence at times (heavy feeling).

We have been working on this case since 4/18/09.

I have invested countless hours chatting with client during active times (sometimes all night). While working this case we have experienced some of the spirits involved here at our home. One such visit was percieved as a warning, the other was a summoning or seeking help.This may all seem farfetched to you until you have experienced it! During this investigation we have also included Demonologist/ Occult Specialist Katie Boyd and Phsycic Medium Beckah Boyd.We were assured that no demonic activity was present and that all forces present were human spirits.

The activity is ongoing and everchanging.The location is home to multiple spirits on a daily basis.Working with the client, we have come to the conclusion that one of the most active spirits is a deceased family member. One we determined what the spirit was trying to tell us, the paranormal activity decreased. September 16th 2009 The family that contacted us with this case has decided to move. As of this time a new spirit has arrived at the location. I will leave this case open until the family's move is complete.


I will update this page as new evidence is obtained or as new experiences are revealed.

Below are some random photo's from inside the dwelling.



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