Knight Paranormal




7A: Mehoopany Pa. single family residence

Date: 08/07/2009 Start Time: 18:00 End Time: 00:30

Investigators: Walt Mikus / Tom Watkins /Tami Powers/ Jake Powers / Client also participated

Location: Mehoopany Pa.

Weather: Mild with approaching storm

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent 22% of full

Temp: 74.5 f outside

Equipment: 2 Sony NightShot Video Cameras / 3 Digital Audio Recorders / 3 EMF Detectors /

2 Digital cameras / Dowsing rods

Clients had witnessed shadows, apparitions, footseps traveling entire length of stairs, 1 room extreme temp difference compared to rest of house, apparition standing over bed as client slept numerous times, knocking sounds. Client slept with lights on

Before starting the investigation, we were taken on a tour of the location. No paranormal evidence was captured during the tour. During the investigation, no personal experiences were recorded.

We recorded 9 hours of audio, aprox. 4.5 hours of video and took 200 still photo's. Due to team size and short notice we did not utilize the dvr system.

Over 50 evp's and disembodied sounds were captured during the investigation

All audio is available upon request

Below are some of the evp's from the investigation


7AT2evp2 cleaned amped evp slowed

7AT2evp1just evp

7AT2evp5evp amped

7AT2evp6 cleaned amped 2nd evp slowed

7AT2evp8cleaned amped

7AT2evp9cleaned amped shortened

7AT2evp10 cleaned amped

7AT2evp12 cleaned amped


7AT2evp25 cleaned

7AT3evp1 cleaned amped

7AT3evp9 cleaned amped


7AWevp16 cleaned amped

7AWevp17cleaned amped





Below are some random photos from the investigation




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