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  Knight Paranormal Equipment

On this page we will try to give you some idea of the equipment we utilize during our investigations.


Digital Voice Recorders

We use digital voice recorders during an investigation to help capture sounds and voices the might otherwise go undetected.

Digital voice recorders also help us verify other evidence, and document the timing of events.

digital recorders


Sony Handycam Nightshot Camcorders

We use these camcorders to document visual evidence in complete darkness.

They also come in "handy" for verifying audio evidence captured on other devices.



EMF Detectors or Gauges

These devices were designed to detect electromagnetic fields

It is a common belief in the paranormal investigation world that spirits use electromagnetic energy to manifest and to communicate.

We use these devices to get a baseline before the investigation.

We also test throughout the investigation. Fluctuations from our baselines could signal paranormal activity.




We utilize numerous digital cameras for everything from capturing evidence during investigations to

documenting potential investigation sites.

We also use digital cameras to document the placement of items in the investigation area.

This will let us know if anything has moved.

Cameras also come in handy during debunking.


DVR System and Night Vision Cameras


With this system we can provide video coverage for larger areas.

Once set up we can also record video for weeks at a time.

Dowsing Rods

We have been doing some experimentation with dowsing rods



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