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Knight Paranormal provides several different services. These services range from an investigation of your location. This can include but not limited to your residence, business or outdoor location. We can also provide advice or listen to your experiences. There is never a charge for the services we provide. We are in this to
learn all we can about life after death and happenings outside the normal.

We are not limited to "ghosts" or haunting's we are interested in anything paranormal. ( It is said that 90% of people who live in a haunted house never even know). We plan to change that. If you are considering having a paranormal investigation team investigate your happenings, we recommend you start a journal and log dates, times, locations and exactly what you have experienced. If you decide to have your location investigated this will help the team focus on the areas and times most productive.

If you choose K.P.I. for your investigation, this is what will take place. A representative from K.P.I. will contact you by phone or in person to conduct an interview and gather information pertaining to the case. Upon completion of the interview, the K.P.I. representative will present the details to the rest of the team. We will then schedule your investigation based on urgency, location and resources needed.

On the day of your investigation, the team will arrive at your location. Two K.P.I. representatives will tour the location with you. After the tour is complete, the team will begin to set up equipment for the investigation. Once setup is complete we like to have a cool off period before we begin. Cooldown usually lasts for less than an hour. This can change depending on circumstances. We like to have the location totally quiet and totally dark. This is also subject to change depending on the needs of the client or the client's family. If need be we can work around the occupants.

The best time to observe paranormal activity seems to be between 11:00 pm and 3:00 AM, but we can investigate anytime. Upon completion of the investigation, we will review the evidence we have collected. After the evidence is reviewed and compiled, we will schedule an appointment with you to discuss our findings. If we find evidence of activity, we will provide you with copies of what we find. Depending on what we find another investigation may be needed.

Your privacy is our number one priority. If discretion is needed we can keep a very low profile. If it is your wish we will keep your case confidential. We will only post details of your case with your written permission. if the case is confidential we will only post the general location such as county or municipality and examples of the evidence such as pictures and or audio/video recordings. Any media that could reveal your exact location will be withheld.

If you have any questions or just need advice on your circumstances,
feel free to contact us anytime!

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Knight Paranormal is now offering free video, audio and photo analysis

We also offer free basic investigation training for new paranormal investigation teams

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